Corporate & Portfolio Website Packages

The pricing below is inductive for a 10 page SME/Professional website.

Getting Started

$ 500

Rs 30,000 contact

Moving Forward

$ 700

Rs 40,000 contact

Leaping Ahead

$ 900

Rs 50,000 contact


$ _ _ _

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If your requirements do not fit in these packages, kindly contact us.

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Additional pages $50/Rs 3,000 per page. Pricing often comes down when a large website is discussed and inner pages follow a similar design.

Note: Taxes, Domain & Hosting prices are not included in the costing above.

अगर आप यह पंक्ति पढ़ सकते हैं और हमारी मातृ भाषा में वार्तालाप कर सकते हैं तो पांच प्रतिशत की छूट या दो अतिरिक्त पृष्ठों का निर्माण हम आपके लिए सहर्ष करेंगे।