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How do we design and develop ecommerce websites?

“First impression is the last impression”. Sounds like clichéd phrase but it is even more true in the fast digital space. A good ecommerce website takes in to account every single aspect of an online store just like a brick and mortar one. Unlike most real world stores, your ecom store needs to be online 24×7, be ready and constantly look good on every possible device, this, is how we make them.

The invisible development

Is it all looks and no gravity? No, there a lot more to it then what the customer can see & feel. The potential of a good looking website will be lost in seconds if not in the company of solid development. You must have equivocal respect for development of a website that is well-performing, fast-loading, tightly-integrated with logistics & payment gateway systems. Apart from serving the design, meticulously planned development will save tons & tons of hours while managing the store.

The visible design

Design elements of your website need to be in tune with the products, they should just be there, without distracting the purpose. The purpose is to make checking out easier & faster.

Simply put, a good design means placing each element right where it is needed.

Good design is not a one night stand, it is about falling in love over and over again. Make sure each time you see the scope for getting better, you leap on and make that change happen. Build trust, keep it intact by getting better and never let customers break the relationship because of silly, stupid and more importantly repeated mistakes.

How do we add leverage to your ecommerce store?

Our team is proficient in designing and developing small to big and big to complex web stores. We can make the whole experience of online shopping as convenient as visiting a real store starting from browsing the product, selecting their choices in the wish list, adding selected choices from the wish list to the cart and then finally making a purchase.

Not only have we made them is all shapes and sizes, but in languages we do not speak and for geographies we have not inhabited. We have designed and developed estores for clients from all the continents. Giving us the exposure to come to terms with all possible hurdles that one may find on the way. Be it, keeping the site in sync with inventory at your warehouse ERP solution or integrating a payment gateway with very little support from the bank or integrating a multidimensional logistics solution.

If you have worked on an ecommerce project with another company earlier, you will be mesmerised by the ease this time round. For those working with us from the word go, just enjoy the breeze.

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