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Enter the captivating world of websites that surprise you by the ease of management! You will be enchanted with their powerful features that allow you to make changes the way you are used to. Anyone with a little training can just click & type instead of waiting for the technical wizards called as designers & developers to make those changes.

What can a CMS do?

Content Management Systems help you in overall management of the website. To put it in perspective, the acronym is completely defined by the full form but there is still more to it. The ‘more’ lies in nature of content you have to post, purpose of publishing and frequency, based on these you have to select the CMS that will work for you. If we were to treat content in general without getting into nitty-gritties, the points mentioned below are a well rounded purpose definition of a CMS.

  • Metadata, on page SEO
  • Template, Design flexibility
  • Separation of Content and Presentation
  • Content Authoring & Portability
  • Workflow Management
  • Content Storage
  • Publication Management & Automation
  • Publishing

Who needs it the most?

Not so long ago a CMS was only used by large websites, approximately 50 pages or more. However, in recent times people have started using a CMS for websites as small as a single page. There are two primary reasons behind this;

1. As the web is getting more and more competitive, even a single page website needs to be in tune with most of the points mentioned in the left column. Modern day one page websites are carefully crafted around a CMS to keep them updated with ease, as what appears as a single page holds data worth more than many 10 or 20 page websites. This can be explained in many more ways and supported with numerous examples but just the fact that this is happening all around is proof enough.

2. Point number two is again competition. Competition amongst CMS makers. Simply search the web for “list of cms”. The very first link will be a Wikipedia page listing hundreds of them. They come in many shapes and sizes, from the vanilla stuff to humongous buffets; in varied technologies, for varied purposes. Making the choice for using a CMS is a lot easier than choosing which one.

As for you, if want a successful result oriented website, yes, you need a CMS. Irrespective of the fact whether you will manage it on your own or hire an agency like us to do so.

Make it easy!

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