Web is the only medium where every advertiser is equal.

On the web a Startup, SME & MNC they all can reach you at the same place. In the real world a Startup or SME may not afford to put an add at the city center, on the web they can.

Most people get straight into advertising on Google and Facebook and realize that running a successful campaign is a lot more work than they initially assumed, plus there is a lot more on the web then just the obvious. Mentioned below is a table where we have put together most popular online advertising methods in bare simplistic form. This is just the start, it goes really deep but this page is not meant for exploring those depths. Explore.

Advertising Avenue Display Mode Pricing Mode Famous Examples Primary Objective
Search Engines Ads Text PPC Google, Bing, Yahoo Lead Generation, Sales
Content Network Ads Text & Banners PPM Blogs & News Sites, Directories, Branding, Lead Generation, Sales
Social Network Ads Text & Banners PPC, PPM Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Branding, Lead Generation
Retargeting Ads Text & Banners PPM Adroll, FetchBack, ReTargeter Sales
Affiliate Network Ads Banners Commission LinkShare, ClickBank, Zanox Sales
Gaming/Mobile Ads Banners PPM InMobi, TapJoy, Upsight Branding

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