Forget the media, Be Social!

Create a complete social media strategy

Facebook and Twitter are certainly the places to be. But don’t stop there, move on to better avenues. Today, there are specialty networks for pretty much every trade you can think of, make friends there too.

Social media channels are bountiful. Apart from the prime few, list down the one’s that your users are most certain to visit. Make your strategies from engaging them on the network to the action you intend on your site. It is not about generating traffic, it is about converting the traffic to useful leads.

Do that but refrain from common pitfalls that businesses do while doing social marketing viz., they land up wanting to be present at every available social channel. In the real sense, drive social channels towards your business and not the other way round.

Who should you target?

Customers! Who else? No, not at all.

Target people, their brain & heart.

On social media or pretty much any other place on the web, you would not be able to target demographics unless you are paying the platform. If someone told you that they can target a specific demographic with a post and a graphic or may be a video, think again.

Love, Joy, Surprise, Anger, Sadness, Fear; target them all .

User engagement is a must but not to the extent of over-whelming them. Create a clear balance between the marketing efforts. Too sweet will lead you to diabetes, too sour will lead to acidity and super hot will make you insane.

Anything else to manage?

Yes, prioritize and finalize the outcome or the goal that needs to be achieved by social marketing and chalk out a complete plan along with clear milestones against a set timeline.

Your team should take up the complete social media strategy & dedicatedly work towards achieving the desired goal. Measure all the performances and out comes on a daily basis and when needed on a hourly track.

Top leaders or the executives of the company have to be in the loop of the entire strategy and should be a part of it as well for a periodic review of the milestone achieved is definitely important. These goals and milestones are to be readjusted according to the ongoing progress and experience gained with implementation of the strategy.

What next?

An archetypal campaign to win the hearts & stir the minds. A campaign that is well strategised, nicely executed and keenly monitored.

The results will be in front of you all along. The compositions working well will be crafted further and those biting dust will be deprecated quickly.

All in all, a new marketing methodology is poised to start a new cycle of trust.

Welcome the change, be the change.

Have you been posting or have you been copying and pasting?

Make something worth sharing, post it then just wait and watch. The users will appreciate, share and promote all by themselves.
Just be there & greet everyone on the way with a smile.

Make it easy!

It’s your social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it.