A furniture shop in a foreign language.

The site was already made and the keepers were looking for changes. Changes to make things work in ways they want and also enhance the functionality of underlying PrestaShop platform. Here is what we did for them.

  • Enhanced¬†product pricing¬†rules.
  • Changed quickview and add to cart popup modules.
  • Added scripts to enable images swipe on touch devices.
  • Enhanced navigation between product pages.
  • Fixed the mouse over functions on product lists to be mobile friendly.
  • Fine tuned layered navigation and CSS search blocks.

This may seem like a straight job but it wasn’t as more often than not when you take over a nearly baked product and try to add toppings to enhance the taste or the look you have very little scope for change plus you are working on super-hot burning furnace i.e. a live site. There were no development platforms or handy guides to look back at and we were dealing with a language we do not speak or can read.
At the end we did well, and we are happy :)))

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