Academy of Applied Arts is a distinct academic institution training sets of fabulous & talented youth for the enormous opportunities of applied arts in retail and fashion world.

The project was a challenge, you can imagine designing for those who teach designing is no straight job. Actually, it was a challenge even before we signed the contract, the reason being that the earlier website we designed for them won prices and accolades for them in their industry vertical, thus we needed to exceed a lot of expectations.

  • Design
    The design demand was “Simple yet Majestic”, “Down to Earth yet depicting Grandeur”. At OpenSUM we repeat these lines often “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” AAA website is one example where these words come to life.
  • Development
    The minimalist design was brought to life using wonderful programming by our Frontend developers, pretty much every element in the website has a elegant mouse mouse-over movement. All this was tightly knit by the Backend programmers on top of the mighty WordPress ecosystem, keeping all parts of the site easily editable via the CMS.
  • SEO & Social Media
    AAA ranking have taken a steep dip after couple of big updates to their algorithms by Google. We had a big task here as well, weather we did a nice job or not can be easily accessed by searching the search engine giant for related keywords we have optimized. Not just the search engine giant but the king of social networking also speaks loud for AAA.