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The question is relevant and it may sound like a dumb idea for a Website Designing & Development Company / Digital Agency, to make their own website using a ready made theme. We are the people who talk about creativity and uniqueness all the time so what got into our mind when we did this. Though you may have started conducing after reading this but while doing so keep in mind that almost all agencies are doing this to a certain extent without letting you know.

Before I talk about the answer here are few points you must know about modern day Premium WordPress Themes.

  • Premium Themes are super rich in features, making them a complete designing tool and not just a template.
  • Pretty much any possible responsive layout can be achieved using them.
  • There is “No” or very little need to add custom codes or styles, almost every thing can be done using the backend.
  • More often then not, they are updated with agility by the developers, helping you in keeping your site safe, secure and ofcourse updated.
  • All in all, they save you a lot of time and in-turn money.

All the points mentioned above allow you to focus on Creativity and forget about rest of the tasks that seem mundane but are extremely vital and costly on both fronts Time & Money.

Since you are on our website I assume you had good time browsing around and possibly you may not be aware of us using a ready made theme until you got onto this blog post. So even though we are using a theme the website is as unique as you want it to be & there were only three changes we have made to the base theme.

  1. The background image for the slider was changed and this also led us to changing the loader gif as the earlier one was not matching the new background we used. FYI background was used from SubtlePatterns and the loader was from Preloaders both are fabulous places for the respective purposes and we use them often.
  2. We used a script for Responsive Tables by Zurb the people behind the fabulous Foundation Framework, this was used as we had a table to deal with that was not really working well with the structured responsive tables included in Twitter’s Bootstrap Framework. Check out the page here; Paid Advertising.
  3. A widget area was added in the footer to place three office locations we have in the Delhi NCR region along with contact number and email address as an ease for people looking to get in touch with us for discussing new projects.

You might be intrigued as to which theme are we using, no need to look up the source code just click here.

In other words you may say that the process has been changed. Instead of the traditional process we have devised a new approach and process to bring in agility and curb the costs involved.

Generally the process after planning and content creation/curation goes like this;

The old way
Design Brief > PSD > HTML > CMS

 The new way
Design Brief > WordPress

While the old way is still very much needed for many use cases but for the purpose of creating corporate/portfolio/blog websites this new way is The Way.

Design in the browser for the browser, put all the creativity in the content & presentation. Summing things up, if I were to answer the question in the page title in one line here is what I will say.

Don’t Code, Just Design.


Be our guest, browse our website, get to know us better.

Take your time, we will remain here. Just as we have been for 5+ years, serving our clients. But remember "Forever is composed of Nows."

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