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We are guilty, SORRY!

By April 30, 2015 May 8th, 2015 Company

This does not looks like the best of titles for the very first post on a company’s blog, actually I have deleted older posts right after posting this one, making this the first as of now. There will be a certain level of criticism that I will need to cope with from our team members, but I have decided to post it simply because it is true.

Yes, we are guilty of not posting to our blog and attending to social media channels regularly. The reasons are many. First and the foremost, the team has been kept busy by clients right up-to the brim. Second, majority of the work we source is through agency partners all over the globe and we are not always interacting with the clients directly, so spending time and energy on the blog is not really going to convert into sales. Last but not the least, everyone at our office is writing something or the other PHP, HTML, Java Script, English, Hindi etc etc but putting it up in words for the blog for our own site seems tiresome to us all.

So I have taken up the charge to lead the way.

Here further, there will be USEFUL content posted on our blog and social media channels on a regular basis. PROMISE.


Be our guest, browse our website, get to know us better.

Take your time, we will remain here. Just as we have been for 5+ years, serving our clients. But remember "Forever is composed of Nows."

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